Emergent danger

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On routine border patrol, The Buck responds to an emergency broadcast from the Vulcan civilian transport, T'Lana.

The crew and passengers of the T'lana has been exposed to vacuum leaving only one survivor, a man calling himself Yates.

The Buck's security staff successfully evacuates Yates, while also collecting the blackbox data and logs of the T'lana. They use a tractorbeam to draw the transport ship back to their homeport, Outpost K-7 while the crew interviews Yates and studies the datarecords and learn of the the T'lana's attacker.

When The Buck arrives at Outpost K-7 the crew hands over Yates to two Starfleet Security officers while they prepare for their two days of shoreleave. When Commander O'Connell meets with Commodore Yamamoto, the Sector Commander, there turns out to be no record of a transfer of the passenger on any manifest or record, and the sensor data has been deleted from K-7's mainframe.

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